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Testing Program

Testing, one of the investigative tools available to the Fair Housing Council of South Texas, has proven to be a highly effective method of identifying unlawful housing discrimination in the rental housing, real estate sale, mortgage lending, and homeowners’ insurance industries.

Testing is a controlled process whereby pairs of trained individuals (called testers) who differ in one key characteristic (race, national origin, sex, disability, etc.) visit housing providers, pose as prospective renters or homebuyers, inquire about available housing or financing, and then objectively report on their experiences.

The Fair Housing Council’s staff then compares the reported experiences of the individuals in each test to determine whether discriminatory treatment has occurred. The testing reports are evidence that may then be used to substantiate a consumer’s housing discrimination complaint.

Next Steps

Contact our Enforcement Program Manager at (210) 733-3247, ext. 105 if you have questions regarding our Testing Program, want to provide an anonymous tip about an apartment complex, realty company, lender, etc. that needs testing, or want information on how to become a tester with our organization.