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TDHCA Approved Fair Housing Training

Under the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs’ (TDHCA) Housing Tax Credit Program Qualified Allocation Plan and Rules, the owner and the architect for all awarded developments must attend fair housing training.

The training is intended to provide the owner and architect with information on both the design aspects of developing rental housing that is consistent with fair housing, as well as, occupancy and leasing issues. TDHCA also encourages awardees of all rental housing funds to attend these trainings.

While TDHCA does not offer the training, it does provide a listing of approved fair housing training providers–one of which is the Fair Housing Council of South Texas.

Next Steps

Please contact our Executive Director at (210) 733-3247, ext. 106, to find out about scheduling and fees for participation in an approved fair housing training as required under TDHCA’s Housing Tax Credit Program.