Programs & Services

RentWise SA Project

Under a Professional Service Agreement with the City of San Antonio (COSA), the staff of the Fair Housing Council of South Texas will conduct ten (10) in-person Renters’ Rights & Responsibilities Informational Sessions during the the period of January 1, 2024, through September 30, 2024, as part of COSA’s RentWise SA Project.

These informational sessions are targeted to renters and one informational session will be held in-person at a location in each of the ten (10) City Council Districts in San Antonio.

In addition, each informational session will consist of staff from the Fair Housing Council of South Texas providing attendees with educational information (via a Power Point presentation) about their renters’ rights, which will include the following topics:

• How to Obtain a Copy of Your Lease
• Repair Requests and Healthy Living Conditions
• Security Deposits
• Lock-Outs
• Eviction Prevention and COSA’s Notice of Tenants’ Rights
• Housing Discrimination
• Protections for Persons with Disabilities
• Language Access
• Unlawful Retaliation
• General Information about the Section 8 Voucher Program

Next Steps

To obtain more information about the dates, times, and locations of these RentWise SA Renters’ Rights & Responsibilities Informational Sessions, visit our Events page.