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HUD Charges Grapevine, Texas Housing Authority with Disability Discrimination

March 25, 2024, Washington, D.C.–Today, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that the agency charged the Grapevine Housing Authority (“GHA”); Jane Everett, Executive Director of GHA; and Bonnie McHugh, Vice-Chair of the GHA Housing Commission, with discriminating against, and failure to provide a reasonable accommodation for a tenant with a disability.

HUD’s Charge of Discrimination (HUD FHEO No. 06-21-0603-8) alleges that the Grapevine Housing Authority, Ms. Everett, and Ms. McHugh terminated the lease of a tenant with diabetes following a medical episode caused by his blood sugar levels. According to the HUD charge, the complainant suffered a medical crisis that made him disoriented and confused due to low blood sugar. As a result of his disability-related episode, complainant was unable to locate his phone and attempted to walk to his mother’s apartment (who also lived at the property) but, due to him being disoriented, he was unable to find his way and began knocking on his neighbor’s door for help. In response, some neighbors called the police who visited the property, found complainant confused and wobbly, escorted complainant back to his home, and reported back to one of the neighbors that they believed the complainant did not mean any harm and that it was a case of mistaken home. At no time did the police arrest, cite, or ticket the complainant for the events that occurred. In addition, no neighbors ever informed the police that the complainant threatened them.

Thereafter, representatives for the Grapevine Housing Authority issued the complainant a lease termination letter referencing the incident and stating his lease was being terminated because his “behavior of physically threatening the safety of the residents [was] not acceptable.” In addition, representatives of the Grapevine Housing Authority subsequently denied his reasonable accommodation request regarding continuing his tenancy and continued eviction proceedings against him even after his doctor had provided evidence that his symptoms were managed following a change in medication and purchase of a medical alert bracelet.

You can access the HUD Charge below:

Image of office building of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD
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